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Versa Tile

Versa Tile

Versa® TILE is an array of LED light tiles that turns ordinary spaces into visually mesmerizing environments. Walls and other surfaces come alive with colors, patterns and moving images. Versa TILE’s flexibility enables endless moods— from vibrant activity to organic flows.
Proven LED video display technology results in a broad spectrum of rich, saturated colors—as well as flesh tones, browns, grays and other colors impossible with conventional LED lighting. Each tile is a pixel that’s easily controlled by content created on any computer using standard graphics software applications.

Versa Tile’s high brightness allows it to be used in environments with significant ambient light levels. Quick and flexible mounting options make installation simple in most situations. Versa Tile is a versatile building block offering broad creative freedom for both small and large-scale applications in architecture and entertainment.

developpé par la société Element Labs