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Wind (Italie)

Wind (Italie)

Designé par la société Créa International basée à Milan pour le n°3 italien des telecom.

A major visual and branding component in the new design is a panel system that consists of graphic imagery depicting the brand message. Based on the concept of an enlarged pixel, Crea International created a backlit storyboard of various lifestyle images (each in the shape of an enlarged single pixel) along the perimeter that provides ambient lighting and branding. The system is composed of acrylic panels with a surface of 3M film that display lifestyle imagery chosen by Wind. "The beauty of this modular system is that the panels can tell a long or short story depending on the space available," Ladjeri explains
A similar graphic panel over the cashwrap functions as a central lighting fixture. Various spotlighting in fixture modules over counters accent merchandise throughout the space