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B+U Sound City Los Angeles

B+U Sound City Los Angeles

B+U (Herwig Baumgartner and Scott Uriu) cabinet d'architectes de Los Angeles passionés a conçu le projet incroyable -baptisé Sound City- d'une vision architecturale modelée par le son.

Sound City is an urban development study for the 12 city blocks that make up Broadway Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles. B+U’s concept is to create a variety of public spaces and mixed-use developments determined not only by zoning regulations, sight lines, and the city grid, but also shaped by on-site recordings. The architects recorded ambient sound along a series of longitudinal and cross sections through the site. They then mapped the sound waves through Soundplot, transforming the waves into a 3D wireframe that can then be developed into a structure.

While the sound waves inform the shape of the building, Baumgartner and Uriu say the structure obviously has to work within the usual architectural constraints of any building—budget, program, site, materials, and so on. “But sound is a tool to begin the design process,” says Baumgartner. “It’s a point of departure.”